Probation departments are trying to adjust to the changing times at hand, and in some areas of the country, there are less options today than ever before; we understand, and that is why our services are offered.

Like many other programs across the United States, there has always been a percentage of clients that did not fulfill the conditions of their court order. A few moved away, or placed different responsibilities above the conditions of their probation - and there are those who just never show up.

This average ( as high as 40%+ in several counties ) is a revolving door of defendants who are constantly in and out of the system, while others are truck drivers, pilots, oil-rig workers, or in another other line of work that takes them away from home, making it difficult to attend a set schedule of court ordered classes. Some live in a remote area where programs aren't available, are handicapped, need a low cost solution, or speak a language your current court ordered classes provider(s) don't provide. 

This is unacceptable, and our program was developed to solve this exact problem. This is our driving force, and have dedicated ourselves to change the way our own agency works with clients, and to revitalize how Courts, Probation and Parole, as well as every other agency works with their own version of the 7% across the nation. The benefit is that our agency can offer ( court and probation ) online options that didn't existed previously.

Below is an example of the insights students have while attending our specialized programs: 

         -  How to differentiate between Thought, Consciousness, and Mind

         -  Clients see they are not their Thoughts, they're simply having one

         -  How the Mind uses a Belief to create a Response or a  Behavior

         -  Notice how Pop-up Thoughts, or Associative Thinking, is different than Present Moment Reality

         -  Understand how the Mind creates its sense of Reality, and therefore the Choice to Act or to do
            Nothing is available to them. As opposed to simply Reacting with no Conscious-Awareness

At this moment, technology exists to offer online classes previously unavailable. What is amazing is that we also live at a time in history when wonderful discoveries have been made about human psychology, and how our sense of Reality is created. These discoveries are as groundbreaking as the notion that the world isn't flat, and the results that are being achieved here prove this. This allows our agency to provide approved programs at a level of service, options, and answers, that you may have never known existed – until now.
The primary function of our court program is to assist your department in addressing the 7%, and in doing so, provide you with additional options relating to court ordered classes, supervision, and language; as our classes are available in 150 languages. This allows the client to move, travel, have a job, or address any  problem which may have previously caused a client to be unsuccessful to fulfill their court class requirement.

There are new choices for online classes due to the technological advances available. The bar has been set so high that the results being achieved are groundbreaking – our online classes are second to none.

We look forward to speaking with you personally.

Please contact us to see just how much of an asset our online classes can be.
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